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14 septembre 2013 6 14 /09 /septembre /2013 14:50

Resum :

     Tony Manero is a young man who like dancing... Every saturday, he goes in 2001 Odysee to dance : there he is a star ! He has his fan club : Annette is in love whith him... But for him, only one girl is important : Stephany, a dancer...

What's in store for him ?


Opinion :

     It's a very famous movie and when I have seen it passed in cinema in VO, I ask to my parents if they know... And they say to me that it's like Grease. So as I like Grease, I decided to watch Saturday night Fiever, even if I will have school the following day... However I'm disappointed...


     I didn't like the story... When I saw it, I didn't know the movie. I found it too long... And too vulgar... I had the impression boys think only sexe... It's irratating ! I want a love story whith dance... And here seriously, it's not the fact.... The movie didn't make me dream ! Well, It's also funny, because this film is very old ! And sometimes it's ridiculous !


     I disn't like a lot the caracters : they are like the story, so vulgar... Especially, Annette ! How can we react like this ? Tony is strange too. His friends is not sympathic... At the end of the movie, Boby, only character I liked, surprised to me.... He changed, I didn't think he act as this... Stephany is too pretentious for me !


     The end is not a real end, I think... We are in same point as at the beginning ! No progress, Tony is the same... Without forgotten, I was tired, because the film began with 30 minutes of late...


A deception...




     Saturday night Fever is a movie realised by John BADHAM. It dates of 1978. It comes from USA. Its frensh title is La fièvre du Samedi Soir. It passed at cinema Gaumont on 13th September 2013. There are John TRAVOLTA (Tony), Karen Lynn GORNEY (Stephanie) and so on...

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Tu abuses un peu des points de suspension dans ta chronique ! ;)<br /> Je garde pourtant un assez bon souvenir de ce film... mais bon, ça fait longtemps que je l'ai vu aussi !
C'est peut-être parce que je ne m'attendais pas à ça...


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