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12 octobre 2016 3 12 /10 /octobre /2016 09:00

Summary :

     A family went to the zoo. They looked at the animals in the cage.

What have they done ?


Opinion :

     At the end of my English classeroom, my teacher has distributed a album for each of us. I have received this one. The purpose is to read it and explain the story and how we can use it in a teaching situation. Personnaly, I read it twice, because the first time, I didn't really like it. So I wanted to make sure, that I all understand before writing my chronicle.


     I don't know why, but the story remind me something, maybe I read it when I was a child... The story is not very interessant... I mean, it's good, but finally... I don't know. The story is a little bored ! Usally, I love album, but here, no. It doesn't inspire me ! I think the more important in the book are the words games and the text's irony. However, I maybe not good enough to understand them...


     I don't really like too the illustrations, neither the characters... I mean picture are rather easy. The featurces are a little rough... Personnaly, they don't are a dream for me. And it's exactly the same with the characters. They are just like a normal family... But, despite that, I don't recognize me in them. They're not very sympathic. But maybe, younger like them...


     The end is strange. I mean it's a little came totally out of field... Yet, it's announced in the summary. But after all, apart from the last page it's never discussed. I have prefered that this comparasion between human's thoughts and animal's thoughts was more present. Here, only the last picture invits to a real reflexion, actually it's my opinion...


Good but not wonderful !


11 / 20


Read for the challenge Des Gages ta PAL, session 6 [my participation] → livre ayant moins de 300 votes.


    Zoo is an album writen by Ed EMBERLEY. It comes from the USA and its original title is Zoo. It was published for the first time in 1992 and it was edited again in 1994 by Red fox editions. It counts 32 pages.

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