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Summary :

     Thomas wakes up without a memory at the center of a huge maze. With him, there are only boys. Few of them have been there for 2 years, without finding how leave. A elite, the runners search every day a exit but they also have to escape to the Grievers, the maze's monsters. Thomas knows one thing : he want to be a runner.

     However, since he was there, all change. Usaly, there are one new boy each month, but the tomorrow, a girl arrives, unconscious in the box with a strange message.

Will he be a runner ? Can they escape of that maze ? What will it change ?


Opinion :

    I saw the movie when he was in cinema and I liked it. So I decided to buy the two first books, but they stayed in my PAL Finally, my sister bought for my father the saga in English, so I decided to read it in english... After more than one year, I began it. However, I'm desappointed... It take a little less than 1 month to finish it... I had trouble to understand the vocabulary !


    The story is interesting... But the vocabulary is very difficult. I didn't understand by time what it happened ! So I didn't read a lot each day. It's tired when you don't really understant that you read. Fortunately, little by little, I entered in the story. There are suspens and I want to know what happen after, escially because I don't really remenber of the film...


    I like the characters... Thomas is brave and completely inconscious by times, but it's a good mix ! I have a crush for Chuck. He is really cute ! I'm sad for him [he was young, gently and finaly he died to save Thomas !] Newt and Minho are sympathic too. However, I didn't really like Alby and Teresa. The first one is too obtuse and arrogant. The second is... I don't know she is weird... I have trouble to identify her !


     The end is strange too... I have not all understood... especially who are them. [the people who rescue them]. I don't succeed to know if they are good or not. So, I find it's not clear... I think I will read again the first book, in French that time, before reading the following book. For the moment, I don't really desire to begin again that serie...


Good, but difficult to understand !


14 / 20


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Thomas's mind was spinning. He was sure he'd never seen her before - but then the slightest hint of doubt crept into his mind. "I swear she doesn't look familiar at all," he said anyway. He'd had enough accusations.
"Are you- ?"
Before Newt could finish, the girl shot up into a sitting position. As she sucked in a huge breath, her eyes snapped open and she blinked, looking around at the crowd surrounding her. Alby cried out and fell backwards. Newt gasped and jumped up, stumbling away from her. Thomas didn't move, his gaze locked on the girl, frozen in fear.
Burning blue eyes darted back and forth as she took deep breaths. Her pink lips trembled as she mumbled something over and over, indecipherable. Then she spoke one sentence - her voice hollow and haunted, but clear.
"Everything is going to change."

Page 56

The movie [mon avis]


   The maze runner is the first book of the saga of the same name, written by James DASHNER. It comes to the USA. His French title is Le labyrinthe. It was published in 2010 for the first time and after in 2013 by chicken House edition. It has 371 pages.

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