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Summary :

     The devil is in town. Lucifer decided to leave the Hell to LA. He became the boss of a famous bar, the "Lux". When one of his many ex girlfriend was assassinated, he chose to find the murderer. He crossed paths with Chloe Danver, a detective who investigated on the murder too. She became a mystery for him : she resisted his ahead and he is completely attracted and vulnerous by her.

Will she believe him ? Can they work together ?


Opinion :

     I found by chance the serie. I searched something new to watch. I immediatly liked the theme. In one hand, it is very interessant and original. But in an other hand, it is a little predictable... It's very cliché ! But I have a big crush for this series ! It's also really funny... I love the reflexions between Chloe and Lucifer...


     When I began this serie, I didn't know what I will discover and that suspense continued during all the episodes. Yes, few things are totally predictable, by like Lucifer, we have a lot of surprise, especialy with his mortality ! It's also a very funny serie. I laugh a lot ! Lucifer have always the word to conclude or simply to have the last word.


     The characters are really the power of this story. They are charismatic, especially Lucifer ! He is really spectacular ! I am totally in love ! He is so gloomy, attractive, and his voice ! I love his voice and his way to say "Hey, I'm Lucifer Morningstar" or when he just say "Détective"... He steal my heart when he does that !  But he is also a little drag with all his allusion to Chloe about sex...


     Chloé is also very interessant. I mean, she really give something, she is not only a detective who resist to this sexy guy ! She gets down on the ground. However, I admit, I was - a little - annoyed when she refused to believe Lucifer... But she is always here to help him. And I love when she rejects Lucifer !


     At the beginning, I don't really like the other characters, except Chloé's daughter. Dan, Maze and Amenadiel were just bad guy who just want to annoy Lucifer. But with the story which progressed, I learnt to like them... They can also help...And finally, they are not bad, they want to protect Chloé and Lucifer ! The psy is really good too. I have laught a lot with her !


     The last episode are fabulous, wonderful !  It was so good, that I have no word to describe it ! The suspense is here ! And the last dialogue... [Who escape ? Mum !] Um I love ! When I saw that, I just wanted to watch the rest... But it's not on line ! I have to wait. However, I know something : I will watch the next season. I am totally fan of the serie !!


A big big crush !!!


17.5 / 20

     This serie was created by Tom Kapinos in 2016. The first season was diffused on internet on may 2016. There are Tom ELLIS (Lucifer Morningstar) ; Lauren GERMAN (Chloe Decker) ; Lesley-Ann BRANDT (Maze) ; D.B. WOODSIDE (Amenadiel) ; Rachael HARRIS (Linda Martin) ; Kevin ALEJANDRO (Dan Espinoza) ; Scarlett ESTEVEZ ( Trixie) ; Kevin RANKIN (Malcolm) and so on...

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