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20 juin 2016 1 20 /06 /juin /2016 09:00

Summary :

    At the biginning of the humanity, there was a mutant. To survive, he absorbs years after years, century after century, the powers of others mutants. Now, he is immortal and unbeatable and he want to get rid of all humans on the earth with the help of mutants like Magnito. Professor Xavier, Raven and students wil try to stop them.

Will they arrive ? How can they stop a invicible man ?


Opinion :

     I like the X-men and when I discover there are a new opus on cine, I propose to my friend to see it. I didn't even watch the trailer, I know that my friend A. accepted cause of the beautiful eyes of Michael FASSBENDER !!! Maybe it will be more intelligent to know what will happend... This film is a little ridiculous... The senarists plays on the X-men's reputation...


    The film is good, it's just... It didn't really happend something... I mean, the story is totaly superficial ! However, it's funny. I like it ! A little long, and maybe boring... The problem was also that we watched this film in vo and the guys in front of me was very very tall and I didn't always see the subtiles... So it was a little disturbing !


     The characters is the most interessent. I like the film cause of them... I'm totally in fan of Magneto and his blue eyes ! Xavier is attractive too ! Be careful, I don't say that the interest is actors' physical... Even if, it helps ! I always love their personality... Especially Magneto ! He gives the feeling to not really be bad, just that the life sets against him.


    The end is good but totally predictable... I mean, we don't need to be a genius to guess that the first mutant will be detroyed ! Even the solution [Magneto who finally helped them] is predictable... I only have one problem, I still cannot understand when this film takes place in relation with the others... It's not really clear, in particular cause of the relations between the characters...


Good but too superficial !!



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     X-men Apocalypse is the seventh opus of the saga X-men realised by Bryan SINGER. It dates of 2016. It comes from USA. Its frensh title is X-men Apocalypse. There are James McAVOY (Pr Charles Xavier) ; Michael FASSBENDER (Eric Lenherrs / Magneto) ; Jennifer LAWRENCE (Raven Darkholme / Mystique) ; Nicholas HOULT (Hank McCOY / Le fauve) ; Rose BYRNE (Moira Mac Taggert) ; Oscar ISAAC (Apocalypse) ; Sophie TURNER (Jean Grey) ; Evan PETERS (Pietro Maximoff / Vif-Argent) ; Alexandra SHIPP (Ororo Munroe / Tornade) ; Tye SHERIDAN (Scott Summers) and so on...

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