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Summery :

   Since one year, Rose and Lissa survived in the human's world. Lissa is a Moroï and she was in danger. However, the academy's guardians found them and they went back to school ! High school did'nt change during their absence, it was even worse... Someone seems to scare Lissa and to know his secret.

Why did they run away ? Who is behind that bad jokes ?


Opinion :

    I love this saga and that's why when I went to Whales, I searched everywhere the first book ! I really want to read this book in English and I really loved it ! A crush ! Even if it was a little different than in my memory... I think it was 4 years ago, that I read it for the first time ! And now I grew, and I saw things differently... Despite all that, it was a big pleasure to discover it again !


    The story is very interesting and even if I already know the end, there are a kind of suspens ! I turned pages after pages without paying attention. It's strange I felt like if I read it in French and not in English. For the first time, the langage was not a boundary, but a plus ! I won't lie, there are passages, I didn't totally understand... I don't know what I can say in more... Read it as soon as I can is enough to show I want to know what will happen ! and how I passed a good time with Rose and Dimitri and Lissa too !


    There are a little thing which desapointing me : the caracter's mental... Rose and Lissa are really good, but they are too young too. I didn't remembert the futility of their acts... However, Dimitri is older and give a lot at the story, at Rose too... With him she is more adult ! I think I love him, but I know what will happen after, and that's why I don't like him so much than before !


    The end is really good ! I love it, the suspense and before all, Dimitri and Rose ! Together, they are complet, and I adore how he was affraid for her ! I think, the best it was their relation ! I hope read the second book in English too, but I also want to discover the last books... I want to know the end ! So book 2 in English or book 5 in French ?


A really good book !!


16 / 20


Read for the challenge New PAL 2016 [my participation]

" Miss Hathaway," she hissed, "you are out of line".
" They have a bond", Dimitri's low, accented voice broke the heavy tension, and we all turned toward him. I think Kirova had forgotten he was there, but I hadn't. His presence was way too powerful to ignore. He still stood against the wall, looking like some sort of cowboy sentry in that ridiculous long coat of his. He looked at me, not Lissa, his dark eyes staring straight through me. "Rose knows what Vasilisa is feeling. Don't you ?"
I at least had the satisfaction of seeing Kirova caught off gard as she glanced between us and Dimitri. "No... that's impossible. That hasn't happened in centuries."

Page 21

Other books writing by Richelle MEAD :

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    Vampire Academy is the first book of the saga of the same name, written by Richelle MEAD It comes to the USA. His French title is Vampire Academy. It was published in 2007 for the first time and after in 2014 by Penguin edition. It has 332 pages more a extract of the next book.

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