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Summary :

    Katniss and Peeta have won the last Hunger Games, but problems doesn't stop with their victory. People of all districts think that it was not a lover's act, but a way to defy the Capital. The revolte is near. Katniss must do all she can to prove it was not a rebellion act, else all people she loves could die.

Can she convince everybody ? What President Snow can invent to controll her ?


Opinion :

    I would like to read since few months, but I haven't time. However, when I saw the last opus of the saga in cinema, I took immediatly the second novel ! I have even forgotten a LC for it ! I have not a lot of time during the week to read, but when I began this book, I didn't want to stop, so I always read one chapter each morning before classroom... 


    Read in English is not always easy, because it's tiring. However with that book, it was not the case ! It was passionated ! A big crush ! I litteraly loved it ! Even if I knew the end, the suspense was here all the time ! It hapened a lot of things which are finally surprising... I discovered again a lot of details, or indices on the real role of character [like Plutarch]. It's wonderful !


     I love the characters... I have a big crush for Peeta, but also for Katniss and Finnick. It's funny, because before I loved Gale too, but since I read the last book, or maybe since I watched the last film, I dislike him... Johanna is very good, she is sinic but all she said is true... I really want to see them again, all of them ! I have never watched, but, it's beautiful how the relation between Katniss and Peeta is built... We really saw the evolution...


    The end is very good ! I love it ! There are a lot of suspense, I want to read the next book ! Even if I already now what will it hapen ! It a very good saga I'm very touched by the events... It was like I discovered for the first time de story :) And I don't know, but I have the feeling that read in English, is better ! The text is even more exciting !


A book you have to read ! !




Lu  pour le challenge New PAL 2015 [ma participation]

Bonus : Challenge Gourmand, session 4  [ma participation]

"After that, there was nothng to do but let you play out your little scenario. And you were pretty good, too, with the love-crazed schoolgirl bit. The people in the Capitol were quite convinced. Unfortunately, not everyone in the districts fell for your act," he says.
My face must register at least a flicker of bewilderment, because he addresses it.
"This, of course, you don't know. You have no access to information about the mood in other districts. In several of them, however, people viewed your little trick with the berries as an act of defiance, not an act of love. And if a girl from District Twelve of all places can defy the Capitol and walk away unharmed, what is to stop them from doing the same ?" he says. "What is to prevetn, say, an uprising ?"

Page 21

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    Catching Fire is the first book of The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne COLLINS. It comes to the USA. His Frensh title is L'embrasement. It was published in 2009 for the first time by Scholastic edition . It has 391 pages.

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