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Summary :

     After a war, the world was never the same. Tris was leaking with Tobias. She wanted to help those in need, but especially discover the information that Marcus hide. It was the base of the conflict between Erudite and Abnegation.

Why did the war start ? What did Janine want ?


Opinion :

    I loved the first novel of this saga, but like it belongs to my sister, I couldn't buy the next book. I found a solution : buy them in English ! However, I'm not very good in English, so I was a little affraid by read a book I didn't know. Usually, I have read before the novel in Frensh, as a result I had a idea of what happen... Finally, I was surprised (by me !), because I hadn't problems to understand like it was sometime the case for other books.


    I loved the second book too ! I had a crush on it ! The story had a lot of suspens and from the first pages I entered in the book... It was nearly impossible to leave the book, even if I hadn't a lot of time to read. What happened was very interesting, it was exactly I hoped ! However, it was a little difficult to understand what was the position of the different factions about the Erudite...


    Characters were fantastic, even if I didn't really like Tobias in this book. He was perfect with the story but I was less attached to him. He was so cold with Tris by moments... Otherwise, I really liked Tris, Christina and also Peter or Caleb. Althought I didn't like what they became, I was very interested by them...


     The end surprised me a lot. I didn't think that happened. It was very emouving ! I'm pressed to read the next book, even if the frensh summary (on Livraddict) suprised me, because it was not totally what I understood at the end of this book... [Jeanine was dead or not ? because on Livraddict, it's written she was not...]. In all cases, I loved this book ! It was fantastic...


A crush ! I loved !




Read for the challenge Bookineurs en couleur, session 10 [my participation]

Read for the challenge Un mois = une consigne, session may 2014 [my participation]

"But you do know," she says. "You know why she attacked when she did. I may not be Candor anymore, but I can still tell when someone is keeping the truth from me."
"Inquisitiveness is self-serving, Johanna."
If I were Johanna, I would snap at him for a comment like that, but she says kindly, "My faction depends on me to advise them, and if you know information this crucial, it is important that I know it also that I can share it with them. I'm sure you can understand that, Marcus."
" There is a reason you don't know all the things I know. A long ago, the Abnegtion were entrusted with some sensitive information," says Marcus. "Jeanine attacked us to steal it. And if I am not careful; she will destroy it, so that is all I can tell you."

Pages 24 to 25



Other books read, writen by Veronica ROTH :

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     Insurgent is the second book of the saga Divergent, written by Veronica ROTH. It comes from USA and His frensh title is Insurgée. It was published for the first time in 2012 and published again by Harper Collins in 2012 too. There are 525 pages.

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