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Summary :

     The year began badly for Harry... A elf didn't stop do stupid thing, Dudleys'  locked him in his bedroom, and he missed the train for Hogwarts School...

      Things were not better at school : we found students who were petrified... There was a monster...

How did Harry go to School ? Why cannot he pass the wall ? Who was the monster ?


Opinion :

       I wanted to read this book in English, so I waited holliday for that. But I was a little sick, so the beginning was not easy ! Morever, I didn't really remember the story in Frensh, as result I don't understand all ! Fortunately, little by litlle, I entered in the story, and guessed words I didn't understand.


     The story has much suspense and a lot of actions ! When we begin it, we cannot stop to read ! It's addicted ! In spite of the difficulty to understand at the beginning, I totally forgot it, after about ffity pages... The story is more important, and finally, it's easier to understand, when you want to know the rest...


     I still love characters ! Harry, Hermione and Ron are so cute ! and sympatic ! Follow them is pleasant... I don't really like Dobby, he maked more dommage than something else... I didn't stick on his character ! The others are good... Aragog is very interesting, he is funny (in one way !). I forgot : I really love professor Lockhard ! He's very funny and stupid !


      The end is very good... However, I don't know if it's in cause of the langage, but I wasn't felt very concerned by events. I wasn't really affraid for them... Maybe it's because I already know the end, or because I don't understand well, but the fellings were not very important ! Of course I will read the other books, in French and in English... But maybe not yet !


Always interesting, but more difficult to understand !




Other opinion : Me in french ; Luna ; Melisende

Read for the challenge New PAL 2014 [my participation]

'No, no,no,' squeaked Dobby, shakink his dead so hard his ears flapped. 'Harry Potter must stay where he is safe. He is too great, too good, to lose. If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger.'
'Why ?' said Harry in surprise.
'There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Xitchcraft and Wizardry this year,' whispered Dobby, suddenly trembling all over. 'Dobby has known it for months, sir. Harry Potter must not put himself in peril. He is too important, sir !'

Page 18


Other books read, writen by J.K ROWLING :

☺ Harry Potter, book 1 : HP and the philosopher's stone [my opinion]

☺ Harry Potter, tome 1: HP et l'école des sorciers [my opinion]

☺ Harry Potter, tome 2 : HP et la chambre des secrets [my opinion]

☺ Harry Potter, book 3 : HP and the prisoner of Azkaban [my opinion]

☺ Harry Potter, tome 3 : HP et le prisonnier d'Azcaban [my opinion]

☺ Harry Potter, book 4 : HP and the goblet of fire [my opinion]


     Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is the second book of the saga Harry Potter, written by J.K ROWLING. It comes from UK and his French title is Harry Potter et la chambre des secrets.  It was published by Bloomsbury in 1998. There are 251 pages.

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