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23 février 2014 7 23 /02 /février /2014 10:00

Summery :

     Solomon Northup, is a famous black free violonist. One day, in 1841, he was kinapped and bought to slaver. He has to abandon his familly, his name, his past...

Will he survive ?


Opinion :

      In English, we hads studied the fight of black with the music, and when this film went out in cinema, my teacher has said to go to see it... I have decided to go with friends, but finally, my teacher wanted to take us after the "Bac blanc"... Be carreful, it's not a film for every body, a lot of people was cried during this film ! And there are few horrible scenes !


      I don't know if I loved it or not... It's not my kind of films... I can't to say I have past a good moment, it's not truth. But not because the story, she is moving, interesting. However she is also sad... The events are not funny, it's the contrary ! It's a beautiful film, nevertheless at the beginning, I regret a little to see it. The pictures are horrible, and it's very difficult to see them... Morever, with the first sentence is "This is a true story..." ! (or something like this...)


       I can't say I like or not the characters, it's impossible... In the kind of film, everbody looks bad... Even Solomon (or Platt), sometimes, he had reactions... But it's the context the situation, which force him... I have one regret :  I think it's difficult to recognize the "black", I don't remember their name, who is who... Maybe it don't put forward... I thing it's strange to say that, but I didn't arrived to recognize the different characters...


        Sometimes, I had the impression, it's to "easy"... Platt did something [fight a white for example] and it's like there are no consequences... It's strange ! And the end is a little to quick. But it's a beautiful end, even if, the last sentences are sad, and remember the reality ! It's a real homage !


        I liked one scene, this with BASS, played by Brad Pitt... She shows the mentality of people... But, she gave me the impression, it's a chance for Solomon to meet him... I can't be happy, at the end of the movie in cause of all the other slaves. It broke my heart many time during this film... Especially, there are a lot of emotions, with pause on characters... Sometimes it's a little long, but, the pain is very present...


A beautiful but very difficul film !




    12 years a slave is a movie realised by Steve McQUEEN. It dates of Jannuary 2014. It comes from USA. Its frensh title is 12 years a slave too. There are Chiwetel EJIOFOR (Solomon Northup / Platt), Michael FASSBENDER (Edwin Epps) , Benedict CUMBERBATSH (M. FORD), Lupita NYONG'O (Patsey), Brad PITT (BASS) and so on...

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