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I'm not english, so sorry for the mistakes !

Summary :

      A meet in a boat. She smiles, he smiles too, Donna and Mark want to see each other again, but they don't know what are their name.

Will they meet again ?


Opinion :

      I don't remember since when I have this book, but it's ages ! For my holliday, I decided to read it, and I liked. It's a good novel, simple and interessanting ! The story is easy to understand like the vacabulary. I all understood ! But, I would like more events, actually it didn't happen a lot of things. I was not surprising, and there are no suspens !


      The characters are interesting ! They are like every body. It's easy to imagine you are at their place ! However they haven't a little something which is different, unusual. Nothing, they are too much as us ! And their story is too fast. We discover them and it's already finished... The end is like rest of the novel : simple, but interesting !


         I like the different view of the story. First Donna and after Mark... We can all understand, why, how ! It's a complete novel ! It's good ! and a little funny !


Good but too simple !




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Lu dans le cadre du challenge Jacques a dit, session de Décembre 2013 [ma progression]

Then suddently he looked at me and his eyes stayed quietly on me... and he smiled his lovely smile with his shy blue eyes.
The people near me on the boat, the sun, the sea, the birds, the noise of his friends, time - it all stoped. At that moment there was only him and me, me and him. Him and his smile for me. Only the two of us.

Page 4


    Girl meets boy was written by Derek STRANGE. It comes to the USA : it's a educate book for 12/13 years old. First it was published in 1995 and then in 2008 by Penguinreaders edition. It has 30 pages.

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