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Summary :

       Mrs Silver has a problem : she things her tortoise is sad, because she don't grow up. Mr Hoppy, who love in secret her neighbor, want to help her.

What can to do ?


Opinion :

      I didn't know this tale in frensh. I think the tittle is "Un amour de tortue", but I have ever read it. So I began this book, without knowing the story and I loved it ! It is very funny and interesting ! There are a little suspens. When we begin, we can't stop to read ! It is simple, but I was not bored ! I laugh a lot !


       The characters are interesting, but I don't agree with Mr Hoppy's philosophie. He cheated, and I don't bear with this kind of person ! However, it's funny and a tale so... It's for children ! Mrs Silver is a little naive ! It's a perfect tale for children. I don't understand all the word, but it's relatively easy to follow the story !


A very good tale !




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Oh, if only, he kept telling himself, if only he could do something tremendous like saving her life or rescuing her from a gang of armed thugs, if only he could perform some great feat that would make him a hero in her eyes. If only...

page 6


    Esio Trot was written by Roald DAHL. It comes to UK. First it was published in 1990 and then in 2001 by Puffin books. It has 55 pages.

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