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Summary :

     Ben was back to Guernsey by Aunt's house. He want to go in museum to see his favorite painting ! However, when he arrived, he discovered a changement ; the captain was not here. He had disapear !

Where was the captain ? Did Ben find him ?


Opinion :

      I had this book in my PAL for 4 or 5 years. It was a present of "the big challenge", you know ? But I had not the courage to read it ! When I saw the colour of the bookineur was yellow, I though at it. So I read it. And I loved it :p


      The story is very interessant. I was not borried, it was the contrary ! There are much suspense... The concept is easy, but it happen a lot of things... I often was surprised, or I have butterflies in the stomach. Without forgotting, it was easy to understand what happen ! At the same time, it is level 5e, so...  The novel is short, but complexe, in the sens where we went to discovery to discovery !


      The characters are very sympatics ! I like them. They really want to know what happened. And, I like their friendship... They are lovable. It was a real pleasure to follow them in this adventure :p They are couregeous, and they are not affraid... I love them ! Ben have a lot of humour. I love her last sentenses ! It make me laugh !


       The end is nice... Easy but pleasant ! We could not guess the solution, however it was not a problem. She was logical, so she don't seem to fall of the sky ! But, I would prefer to have a end more fantastic, here, I think she is too real and possible ! We have a character of painting who disapear, and the solution is desapointing. I would like a explication  with more imagination !


       The point what I prefered is the way to read the text. It is not enough to turn pages, no ! We must to answer to questions for follow the story. Comprehension questions and grammatic questions... It is funny ! I love it ! For young is a good way to read a English book without having impression to work !


A good novel for one of the first reading in English (for youngs) !




Lu dans le cadre du challenge new PAL 2013 [ma progression]

Lu dans le cadre du challenge bookineurs en couleurs, session 7 [ma progression]

This was the beginning of my fascination for this painting. Every time I came to Guernsey, I went to see "The wreck of the Stella". And every time, I was under spell.
Now let me come back to what happened in the museum two weeks ago, on the first day of my hollidays here. I told you that I was puzzled, right? Well, I was so puzzled that I sat down on a chair and looked at the painting until I discovered whazt was wrong.
Then I could not believe my eyes !

Page 8


     The captain is missing was written by Sylvie ROUCH. It comes to France : it's a educate book for 12/13 years old. It was published in 2009 by Nathan edition. It has 94 pages.

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